The objectives of the conferences are to find out about the latest thinking on a specific subject, rapidly changing the way employees look at a theme, shedding light on a situation. Participants engage in the subject in an interactive format that will provide them with helpful answers.

Tailor-made to your needs, each conference is carried out in the following way:


Explore Together

Consult stakeholders.

Define the format and objectives of the conference together.


Enlighten with Science

Question the meaning of concepts to give food for thought.

Document to clarify and provide feedback.


Inspire and Share

Show the subject in a concrete and inspiring way.

Inspire the participants and allow exchanges.

Examples of achievements

CAF Maine & Loire

INSERM Occitanie Méditerranée Delegation

Mission: Prepare and facilitate a seminar on the experience of the health crisis.

Format: A one-day seminar preceded by two months of preparation.

Congress of Territorial Administrators

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