Why Address
The Concept Of Meaning
In Plural?

Meaning has many definitions: it refers to direction, purpose, instinct or even the five senses… Meaning is a flexible concept, there are many ways to find meaning in one’s work — through its usefulness, through the professional identity it gives us, through human relationships or through the remuneration it brings us.

The subject of meaning only arises in the plural.

There is not one sole meaning that is unique and valid, inescapable and lasting. There isn’t a destination you should move toward at all costs, nor a single direction you should seek after getting lost.

This is why the approach used to rethink the meaning of the work within an organization must be based on a real understanding of the reality on the ground. The approach must consider the uniqueness of each situation. The approach must also include a method for evaluating the effectiveness of the solutions as they are implemented. This approach is called Research-Action.


Why a “Research-Action”


Dealing with the topic of meaning requires respecting what is specific to each person, to each organization. Going in the right direction means avoiding false assumptions, quick fixes, ready-made formulas and trendy approaches. It means being equipped with the means to avoid wasting time on ineffective strategies in favor of adjusted, useful and effective action.

These prerequisites form the basis of my approach to the subject of meaning at work. Meaning is a subject that must be broken down, disaggregated and unfolded to restore consistency, relevance and usefulness.

My research work and all the missions entrusted to me lead me to assert that the meaning of life and work requires a rigorous approach driven by a healthy spirit of criticism and sincere questioning. It involves a process of openness, questioning and intellectual honesty. For these reasons, and in line with my background, I advocate for a research-based approach as an essential prerequisite for implementation and action.

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