04 January 2023

Release of the book “Manager en responsabilité à l’heure du digital” (Managing Responsibly in the Digital Age).

19 December 2022

The “C’est mon boulot” show on France Info

04 March 2022

“HR Circle” program on B Smart.

04 May 2021

Release of the book “Dé-libérer le travail” (Unbinding Work).

04 May 2021

Publication of the article “crise du travail ou crise du sens?” (Work Crisis or Crisis of Meaning?)

04 January 2021

The release of the book “Psychologie de l’orientation tout au long de la vie” (Psychology of Lifelong Career Development).

24 May 2020

Publication of the article “La crise de la Covid-19 remet en question le sens que l’on donne à son travail” (The COVID-19 Crisis Challenges the Meaning We Ascribe to Our Work).

04 May 2020

Release of the book “Management, innovation et bien-être” (Management, Innovation, and Well-being).

26 November 2019

Publication of the article “Everyone wants meaning in their work — but how do you define it?”

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