“HR Circle” program on B Smart.

4 March 2022
“HR Circle” program on B Smart.

As part of the ‘HR Circle’ program, I was invited by Arnaud Ardouin to participate in a roundtable discussion on the following topic: ‘Has Flexibility Changed Our Relationship with Work?’ Focusing on professionals in leadership roles, I addressed the sense of loss experienced by some individuals who feel disconnected from their work due to excessive flexibility in their responsibilities. Alongside the two other guests, we explored the challenges faced by executives who, despite having autonomy in their schedules, may experience a lack of satisfaction due to the disconnect between their actions and tangible results.

During the discussions, we also talked about solutions to restore a sense of personal fulfillment and meaning at work. ‘Le Cercle RH’ thus offers a thoughtful reflection on how flexibility has transformed our relationship with work, emphasizing the importance of balancing autonomy and engagement to reinvigorate the careers of executives and maintain their motivation at its highest level.

Program Reference

La Flexibilité a t’elle changé notre rapport au travail. Le cercle RH, B Smart. Émission du 12 mars 2022

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