Training is one of the keys to supporting transformation projects. I consider training as both a tool to enlighten and improve existing practices and as an opportunity to put new concepts it into practice in daily life.

Tailored to your objectives, I offer a progressive course, face-to-face or remote, underpinned by research and operational tools that can be applied immediately.

Creating a tailor-made training course is carried out in 4 steps:


Explore Together

Consult stakeholders.

Survey participants to gather their needs and knowledge.


Co-construct with Training Engineering Methods

Define educational objectives and appropriate progress.

Seek relevant knowledge and tools to build a theoretical base.

Design a pedagogical method combining theoretical contributions and practical applications.

Create practical and sustainable training materials that will support participants in their practice.


Facilitate the training

Set up a framework that allows each participant to feel comfortable.

Create alternate theoretical contributions and practical applications to measure, as closely as possible, the daily life of the participants.

Leave space for discussion and questions.

Maintain contact with participants following the training.



Assess the effectiveness of the training

Evaluate the satisfaction of the participants on the spot.

Provide an objective evaluation of the skills acquired by the participants.

Evaluate the benefits of training.

Examples of achievements


Mission: Training on coaching techniques for future Human Resources Development Officers.

Format: Facilitation of about ten training groups over one year.


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