Research-Action is an approach that uses investigative tools specific to scientific research. This makes it possible to highlight organizational needs, to document a problem, to identify elements in scientific literature on which to draw inspiration and to evaluate the implementation.

Research-Action is carried out in 4 steps:


Explore Together

Consult stakeholders.

Observe the reality at work as exercised in the field.


Enlighten with Science

Question the meaning of concepts to set your intention and goal.

Document to gain inspiration and avoid making the same mistakes again.

Anticipate social phenomena (barriers and reluctance to change).


Co-construct with Initiators, Actors and Users

Identify a common purpose for the project.
Involve stakeholders in the the project.
Define the benchmarks that will frame the action together.


Measure the Impact and Efficiency of the Project

Evaluate the path traveled
Identify areas of progress
Sustain the action

Examples of Achievements

Paris-Est Créteil Val de Marne University

Mission: Facilitating a reorganization through a new, meaningful service project.

Format: A 3-month on-site mission with the Professional Training Department team.

National Bank of Canada

Mission: Supporting the digital transformation of work by implementing a culture of collaboration.


Format: A 5-month on-site mission with the team responsible for digital transformation.

The Cnam

Gustave Eiffel University

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