Release of the book “Management, innovation et bien-être” (Management, Innovation, and Well-being).

4 May 2020
Release of the book “Management, innovation et bien-être” (Management, Innovation, and Well-being).

In their ongoing transformation, today’s organizations are increasingly seeking new forms of production, organization and leadership to effectively meet the demands of a competitive environment, as well as to better contribute to the well-being of employees in the workplace. This book integrates three important areas of research and intervention in work and organizational psychology: new forms of organization, change and innovation in organizations and their relationship with well-being and new technologies. It also focuses on positive and negative work situations.

New Modes of Organization: Barriers and Facilitators in Implementing a Culture of Cooperation.

In collaboration with Professor Jean-Claude Coallier (University of Sherbrooke), we contributed a chapter to this book dedicated to new modes of organization aimed at promoting cooperation among employees. Based on action research conducted within a Canadian banking institution, this chapter discusses the barriers and facilitators encountered in implementing a culture of cooperation driven by technological and organizational transformation. We carried out a redefinition of roles, functions, decision-making processes and interactions among employees. The goal was to encourage employees to work together in different ways, fostering professional acts of collaboration and cooperation.

Our research took place one year after the implementation of these initiatives. Our objective was to explore to what extent and under what conditions would the implementation of a digital transformation initiative truly lead to a culture of collaboration and cooperation. To achieve this, we observed, through self-observation, the acts of collaboration and cooperation performed by employees during a week of work using a professional acts framework tailored to the realities of this work environment. We concluded that the tools put in place ultimately contributed more to extending or maintaining collaborations based on interpersonal knowledge and relationships than to genuinely renewing forms of collaboration.

Chapter Reference

Chevallier, E. et Coallier, J.-C. (2020). Nouveaux modes d’organisation: freins et facilitateurs dans l’implantation d’une culture de coopération. . In A. Battistell, C. Lagabrielle et D. Steiner (dir). Management, innovation et bien-être. Paris : L’Harmattan.

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